Warning! Invention That Could Keep You In Bed For The Rest Of Your Life!


The Super Gorone Desk is a nifty invention by Japan’s top gadgets makers Thanko that makes life with your computer so much easier. Want to lie down? Have your computer right in front of you so you can keep on using it while you relax. Sitting down on a sofa? Here’s a portable mini desk for you.

The Super Gorone Desk

Set up the Super Gorone Desk in seconds and then get comfortable.

The frame is ideal for laptops and will fit a range of models and devices. Easy to assemble and use, it even features a USB-powered fan to keep your computer cool. It is highly adjustable and can be customized to a variety of positions. And when you are between sessions, fold it down flat and carry it to where you next need it.

The Super Gorone Desk Sitting Up

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The Super Gorone Desk features:

Overall size: 600 x 410 x 40mm (23.6 x 16.1 x 1.6″) (maximum)
Weight: 2.8kg (6.7 lbs)
Can hold up to 60kg (132 lbs)
Fits laptops/notebooks up to 20mm (0.8″) thick
USB-powered fan
Includes desk, attachment bands, hooks x 2, protective covers x 4
Instructions: Japanese (but easy to construct and use)