5 HOT Girls To Follow On Instagram


If you’re a regular user of instagram then these 5 hot girls are definitely worth following. If you know of any hotties we should all be following post their names in the comments below, dont keep them all to your self.

What she does: Healthy Living Advocate, Fashion addict, Fitness junkie, Food lover, Aussie girl, & Adventurer.

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Megan Bernard
What she does: Model, Kick boxer, (watch out guys) & Certified Personal Trainer.

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Kyra Santoro (on the right)
What she does: Model

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Cora Skinner
What she does: Model

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Cindy Prado
What she does: MAXIM Hometown Hottie Model

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  • Lle Schreiber

    @danaikadzere – model, writer, Harvard grad
    @karlenahaase – model who travels a lot